Peter Twist, Historical Consultant

Peter Twist, Historical Consultant

Photo Courtesy, Laughing Devil Photography

History is not just a location and date. History is PEOPLE.

Peter Twist, Director of Historical Reconstruction, literally breathes life into history. He’s well known around the world to Museum Curators as well as Film, Television and Event Producers. He is the single “go-to” person for all elements for your historic project with an impressive roster of historically accurate artists. A professional consultant, Peter’s no stranger to budgetary requirements, he knows when details are important to the camera and when they’re not going to be discernible. Directors value his in depth knowledge and artistic eye, allowing him to offer cost effective alternatives thus saving valuable time, resources and ultimately money without sacrificing on-screen value.

With a background in fine arts, engineering and teaching, his knowledge of historical topics and events span all periods around the globe and with his impressive collection of personal resources, if he’s not immediately familiar with the intricacies of your project, rest assured that he knows someone that is that’s not available to other production designers.

Peter is an internationally recognized, award-winning miniature sculptor and painter. It was Peter that produced numerous – now considered iconic – prototype figures for Hasbro including the world-famous G.I. Joe.

He continues to be active in the heritage community as a museum board member and event organizer. He hosts workshops, lectures and writes on various subjects and has been instrumental in training and establishing a system of command in North America’s British Napoleonic Re-enactment Community. He holds memberships in numerous societies including the Company of Military Historians and has been certified as an Historic Weapons Supervisor.

Whether epic battles or the mundane drudgery of daily life, the details that Peter brings to your project help the audience to immerse themselves in a world that exists only in dusty pages and memory.

Shouldn’t you be creating your history with a Twist?