How to Register an Account

This short-ish document is meant for those that have rarely created an online account. It will walk you through the not-so-scary process. But, be aware, sometimes the system is slow, so take your time. After you click on the Register button, look at the top of your browser window to see if the computer it thinking (usually a circle or other gadget should be going around in a circle). If it is thinking, get a coffee and come back (okay, not that long), but don’t hit the button multiple times or you’ll create a bunch of accounts that will be confusing for you and the computer. Remember, computers are not as smart as people.

    1. Click on the My Account -> Login button from the dropdown menu. Yes, you can’t login yet, but this is where you will return to login. But for the moment, this is where you start to create an account. You will see the following image (without the red box).

    Creating an Account for Historical Twist

      1. Next, look for the teeny-tiny text that I’ve surrounded with the red box on the page.
      2. Click on this text that says Register.
      3. Another window will open, almost identical to the first that looks like this…

    Registration Page for Historical Twist

      1. First, enter a Username, this can be whatever your like, but REMEMBER IT! It is case sensitive.
      2. Enter a VALID email address and be careful about this, because this is going to be the email address where your password and eTickets are sent.
      3. Finally, check the box that says “I’m not a robot” (well, assuming your aren’t) and you’ll be presented with a reCAPTCHA test.
        reCAPTCHA stands for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. The prefix “re” stands for “Re“ading and uses images, usually in the process of digitizing books, so when you answer the questions on the text, you’re actually helping to correct, scanned books that are being digitized… and the test was invented by Alan Turing… you know… the guy that was in The Imitation Game? (That’s your fun fact for the day.)
      4. And click on the Register button (before or after answering the CAPTCHA test, I can’t remember which comes first, proving I’m human)!

      What Happens Next?

      I’m glad you asked!

      1. First you’ll receive an automated reply sent to your email address, remember? The one you made sure was accurate. We do this to prevent Spammers from creating an account on our site with a fake email address, so it’s really to protect everyone from them, cause they’re really bad dudes!
      2. You will be given two links in the email (you can use either one), where you can assign a password. You may either accept the one the system generates for you (which is really strong), or you can assign a more humane choice. Whichever you choose, make sure you write it down somewhere and remember that it, too, is case sensitive.
      3. And that’s all there is to it. It may ask for your billing information but I think that comes after you login to purchase and pay for something. Again… human here. Going from memory, mostly.

      Purchasing Tickets

      Now the fun part.

      1. Log in to your account from My Account -> Login with the Username and Password that you created. Remember? You wrote them down so you wouldn’t forget.
      2. Once logged in, click on “Events” and you’ll see a list (if there are more than one), of upcoming events. You may click on the event to see a description and then scroll down to the bottom to add the number of tickets to your cart and process payment for them.
      3. Once we’ve accepted payment your eTicket will be emailed to that same address you created your account from. But note, we have to physically accept payment, so although you receive a statement saying payment has been made right away, it still requires our intervention to complete the process, and we’re not waiting at the computer all day/night/weekend/holiday… well, you get the idea.
        We are notified that a purchase has been made so as soon as is humanly possible we will complete the process.

      When There Are Problems

      Remember, computers? Not as smart as people? Sometimes computer settings move stuff without telling you? And sometimes, face it, we humans just forget things, like passwords. Embarassing, no?

      • Didn’t get Tickets? Notify us, either by phone or email and we’ll send them again. We have the power. But be sure to check your spam filters first. Chances are that it’s there and you just don’t know it.
      • Forgot your Password? Referring back to the first image on this page, beside the Register box I’ve highlighted in red, you’ll notice the text “Lost Your Password?” This is to be used when you, well,  lost your password. Click on it and follow the instructions to get a brand spanking new password. Write it down so you don’t forget it, but don’t save it in the same place as the last. Remember? You lost the last one.
      • Forgot your Username? Well, there’s no way to retrieve your Username except by calling us and giving us your name and address (so we know who you are). We will then remind you what you called yourself.