Terms and Conditions


Browsing our online catalogue does not require you to login. Should you wish to purchase online, you will be required to create and account register with us. When you register, we will provide you with a password-secured customer login that can be used for subsequent visits or for order inquiry purposes.

For detailed information on our privacy policy, please review the Privacy Policy page.

Correcting/Updating Your Personal Information

After becoming an www.HistoricalTwist.com customer you may correct/update your personal information by clicking on the My Account link, entering your Username and password when prompted and clicking the Edit Information button. The changes you make will be reflected in our databases instantly. If you wish to deactivate your account, you may contact us through the Contact Us page.


We require some basic information to process your order. Billing and shipping information is requested along with payment information. Currently, we only accept payment through PayPal. No payment information is requested or stored on this site. Contact information such as your e-mail address and phone number is used only to confirm your order, or for contact purposes should we have trouble processing an order. We neither solicit by telephone nor release this information to other companies.

Note that due to the way the shipping is automatically calculated, and the fact that we do not save credit card numbers, we may need to revise your order total (up or down) to reflect accurate shipping costs. This information will be conveyed to you before your order is shipped.

Event Tickets Sales

Due to the limited number of tickets available and the commitment to the venue and other performers, NO REFUNDS on ticket sales will be given. Provided you notify us in time that you’re no longer able to attend, we will attempt to sell your tickets to person(s) on the waiting list. However, payments between these parties must be arranged between them and you’ll be required to notify us of who will be attending in your stead.


Once you have placed an order, we will send you an e-mail confirming receipt of your order. You will also receive a second e-mail once your order has been shipped from our warehouse. Historical Twist will not use e-mail to solicit our customers, unless you have set your e-mail preferences to receive e-mail newsletters or promotions.

We encourage customers to e-mail us their questions or comments. We read and respond to all the e-mails we receive. In cases where a customer shares useful information and we would like to share it with other customers, we will do so only with the customer’s authorization and without directly identifying the customer.