Clients & Projects

Peter has worked for many clients, both private, government and museum throughout North America. Here are some of the more recent projects and where possible, photos of the exhibits or events that he’s created for them (click on the name of the exhibit in italics).Since many of the “exhibits” are used for museum interpreters and in some cases are created for the purpose of re-enacting a particular “event” on the anniversary that event, we’ve included Events within this category.


Artillery Park, QC Royal Artillery Officer’s Servant, 1830 Costume
Batoche NHS, SK
Battlefield House, ON Battle of Stoney Creek, 1813 Event
The Canadian War Museum, ON Native Warrior Life-Size Diorama
Carlton Martello Tower, NB 104th Regt of Foot, 1812 Life-Size Diorama
Coteau du Lac NHS, QC Pattern Officer Coat, 1812 Costume
Discovery Harbour, ON
Halifax Citadel, NS
Fort Battleford, SK
Fort Erie, ON
Fort George, ON 41st Regt of Foot, Officer Coat, 1811 Costume
Fort George, ON 41st Regt of Foot, Various Grenadier Coy, 1812 Costume & Props for Interpreters
Fort Henry, ON
Fort Ingall, QC
Fort Lennox, QC 24th Regt of Foot Drummer, 1830 Costume
Fort Lennox, QC 24th Regt of Foot, Officer, 1832 Costume
Fort Malden, ON Royal Navy Lieutenant, 1800-11 Costume
Fort Rodd Hill, BC
Fort St. Joseph, ON 100th Regt of Foot, Private Costume
Fort Wellington, ON Royal Canadian Rifles, 1846-55 Costume
Fort York, ON Royal Engineer Undress Uniform, 1862 Costume
Fort York, ON Queen’s Ranger, 1793 Costume
Fort York, ON 24th Regt of Foot, Private, 1865 Costume
Fort York, ON 19th Light Dragoons, 1812 Costume
Fort York, ON 6th Regt of Foot, Bandsman, 1806 Costume
Fort York, ON Fort York Drums & Infantry, 1815 Costume & Props for Interpreters
Lundy’s Land Historical Museum, ON Commissariat Chapeau, 1837 Costume
National Air Force Museum of Canada, ON
Parks Canada Royal Artillery Coats, 1812 Costume
Parks Canada British Light Company Sergeant, 1835-55 Costume
Parks Canada Royal Staff Corps, 1829 Costume
Parks Canada 7th Royal Fusiliers, Officer, 1795 Costume
Royal Military College Museum Saint-Jean, QC Canadian Voltigeur Uniform, 1813 Costume
Royal Military College Museum Saint-Jean, QC 15th Regt of Foot, Private 1837-8 Costume
Royal Military College Museum Saint-Jean, QC 7th Royal Fusilier, 1775 Costume
Royal Military College Museum Saint-Jean, QC 19th Light Dragoon Trooper, 1814 Costume
Signal Hill NHS, NF Royal Newfoundland Regiment Costumes and Props for Interpreters
Signal Hill NHS, NF Royal Artillery, 1794 Costume & Props for Interpreters
Ste. Marie Among the Hurons, ON French Doublets and Shirts, 1640 Costumes
Ste. Marie Among the Hurons, ON Samuel de Champlain, 1615 Costume
Upper Canada Village, ON Battle of Crysler’s Farm Life-size diorama


Bloomingdale’s, NY Hussar Officer Window Display
Fort Vancouver, WA
The Frasier History Museum, KY 95th Rifles, 1809 Costume
Pamplin Park Museum, VA Civil War Dioramas Miniature Diorama
National Parks Service Royal Marines, 1840-55 Costume
General Society of Colonial Wars 60th Royal Americans, 1759 Costume
The Smithsonian Institution, DC Bearskin Cap, 1768 Costume
The USS Constitution, MA Royal Marines Sergeant, 1812 Costume